Can I activate more than one park?


How do I count QSOs if I operate in multiple parks?

Let’s assume you work K9ABC while you are in Park A on 75, 40 and 2 meters, and you work K9ABC again while you are in Park B on 40 and 20 meters. That is 5 QSOs.

What credit do I get for activating a park?

If you operate in one or more parks for WIPOTA, you may count that park as a ‘park worked’ multiplier, even if you never complete a QSO with a ham who is also operating inside that particular park.

How do I log when operating mobile in more than one state?

You should submit one, combined out-of-state log. If you are also mobile in Wisconsin, submit another log for “WI operators not in a park.”

When I am operating mobile in more than one state, may I work a WIPOTA station more than once?

Yes, once per state you are in, and for each band, also.

Do I need to submit a Cabrillo log after the WIPOTA event?

No. We ask that everyone log “on their honor.” Just go to our Logs page and submit the requested information by September 30. We do reserve the right to ask for your electronic or paper log as we review all submissions.

May I bring a ham friend with an HT and work each other in a park?

Yes, as long as the friend logs under a separate call sign. You may also enjoy driving from park to park and repeating the 2m contact.